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How does one market a store with over 1000 SKU’s? From upholstery, bed linens, to bathroom accessories. Neptune house furnishings had everything you needed to do up a home. A one stop shop solution for home furnishings. A 30 year old brand with three mega-stores accords the city of Ahmedabad.

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As competitors moved their markets online, Neptune house furnishings saw great potential is building a community online. The problem was that given the number of SKU’s it was almost impossible to showcase everything they stoked unless a customer visited their store. Additionally, with the Ahmedabad circuit and industry growing by the day, the city saw an influx of a new non-gujarati cosmopolitan crowd. The idea was to build new relationships with them too, just as they had been building with customers. Position the brand as a one stop shop solution for home furnishings- selling quality and trustworthy products.

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The strategy was kind of simple. We want to make a small start with building a community that appreciates and engages with spaces that are done well. We knew that once we had a like-minded community it would be a lot easier to bring them to the store and show them everything we offered. Hence we began our journey with a series of extremely aesthetic creatives, with focus on variety and affordability. Tactical offerings were built into the strategy as we proceeded towards Diwali- ensuring we covered a broad audience.

There was something for everyone. Price was never a concern and hence while we kept the look, feel and tonality extremely upscale we weren’t afraid to bring in the offers as they helped us approach the masses.

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A series of Ad sets were used to help build a community. Most targeted within the city and some also targeted around the city in smaller towns where such outlets were not generally available.

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We love brands that constantly evolve with time. Now that we are steadily growing our community of enthusiastic home makers/lovers we are now on our way to building a basic commerce platform for the store and slowly moving out of the Gujarat market to further broaden their customer base.

Azafran Beauty Mobile-100
Azafran Beauty Mobile-100


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