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Agency: WeCliq


Neon Earth was a very exciting project for the team because we had a shared interest- digital artworks. With deep rooted brand values, they came to us with a simple brief, to amplify their portfolio to potential customers in the United States.

The Execution

Pre launch, our goal was to onboard as many illustrators from across the world as possible. Back with smart strategy, we started off with something called a colour wheel. We showcased prints on different products, shared informative content ideal for illustrators, highlighted benefits for illustrators to subscribe with us, shared relatable design humor, and more. For each day of the week we had a designated content bucket and colour scheme. The colour scheme, artworks and showcases would change week after week. It’s always important to attach a face with a brand as human as Neon Earth. To solve that problem, we brought the team at Neon Earth on the forefront and hosted various IGTV sessions to talk about the brand ethos. And to add to that, we also had a fun round of questions with some upcoming artists to build excitement and fun. The aesthetics and visual communications were all backed with a very strategic thought process that helped us grow quickly amongst the design fraternity.

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The Launch

Next came the big launch of their online portal for customizable products with designs and illustrations to choose from across the globe. To make a strong start we began with a lineup of relatable situations and facts. We went back to some of the most trusted designer surveys for the US market and borrowed the stats that best represented our artists’ problems and recommendations. On the day of the launch we put out a powerful animated video for the audience to truly understand the brand and everything it stands for.

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Neon Earth

The Challenges

To keep potential customers and designers engaged is a tricky balance to maintain. That's when we realised that channel specific content was the best route ahead. While we continued to use facebook as a platform to showcase products and draw more customers, Instagram was used to keep the creative fuels churning for illustrators.

Each month brought with it exciting design challenges with rewards. We covered several themes like Oktoberfest, Halloween, Inktober Challenge, and more.

Azafran Beauty Mobile-100

The Stories

Social media is known for its robust possibilities and we wanted a brand like Neon earth to make the most of a holistic strategy. To support the already bustling feed we did a series of stories and highlights to keep audiences engaged. From something as simple as what the brand was about to things the brands loved, we had a set of highlights and stories that kept the audience gripped.

Azafran Beauty Mobile-100
Azafran Beauty Mobile-100
Azafran Beauty Mobile-100
Azafran Beauty Mobile-100