Bridal Campaign


Agency: WeCliq


Deepkala Silk Heritage is a 70 year old ethic store based in Ahmedabad. They showcased affordable to mid-premium Indian casuals, bridal and festive wear. For the past 20 years they were based on CG road after which they moved to a premium shopping hub Sindhubhavan road. This was their first ever bridal season with the new store and brand new collection we knew could give tough competition to others in their field.

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It was a time when numerous brands from across the city had already put out their bridal campaigns. These campaigns were on hoardings, in newspapers and on all their respective social platforms swell. Most had a celebratory vibe, a bride surrounded with flowers of family members or friends- the messaging too was looking quite similar across the board. The need of the hour was a unique thought, a fresh approach.

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It was another day at the store. Our team was there to discuss possible ideas and thoughts. While we sat outside waiting for the meeting to begin we noticed the kind of brides that we’re coming to the store. The diversity was marvellous.Each unique, confident and willing to experiment. There was something so real about the way in which they chose garments and adorned them on while trying them. It was then that the idea came to us- the idea to empower the girl who was soon to become the bride. We decided to showcase our garments in extremely minimal backdrops-plain whites so that the women and the garments took centre stage. The concept was “Her Own Kind Of Beautiful…”

We used plus size models, darker skin models, lean ones, ones with a code and many more. We tried to cover as much diversity as we could, owing it to the kind of beautiful women who actually visited the store for their bridal garments, pulling them off with utmost confidence and panache.


The campaign was introduced with a bang and caught the eye of several publications while also proving to be empowering and relatable to many young women looking for their bridal ensemble. It was truly a unique content that cut through the clutter and once again gained several social mentions and acknowledgements for the brand.