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As the pandemic put a half to the era of grand weddings, people began to celebrate their special day in an intimate manner. Gone was the grandeur of the lofty venues and the glamour of the decorations. What became the only center of the attraction was the bride and the groom. We decided that this is what we wanted to highlight with Deepkala Silk heritage

We wanted to show that the bride doesn't require any flamboyant stage to look beautiful and elegant. Her own beauty and her graceful garments are enough to mesmerize all those around her. Added to this idea was the vibe of a sweet summer wedding story and thus we came up with Deepkala Grishmostav, the summer bridal campaign.


We executed the entire campaign from the production of the shoot to the promotion. The shoot was a 21-hour long affair with a crew of almost 30 people. We wanted a dramatic and impactful shoot and hence included various beautifying elements such as the dhoop, net, drapes, and flowers. The idea was to amalgamate simplicity and grandeur to bring out the beauty of the bride and her garment.

The shoot took place at a vintage Haveli. Despite being old, the place was aesthetic and majestic, hence the perfect setting to highlight the beautiful and colorful Deepkala lehngas. By keeping the set simple yet classy, we could highlight the intricate details and the vibrant colors of the garments. By the end of the shoot, we were all exhausted but we had realized that we had created a fairy tale.

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We planned and prepared for everything from the logistic to setting the props, sourcing the jewelry, making the shot sheets, styling, and practice runs as well. The entire campaign turned out be a huge hit. We used footage from the shoot and created multiple videos and reels incorporating tasteful music to elevate the entire vibe. People instantly fell in love with what we created and began liking as well as sharing the posts. One of the vibes form the campaign has more than 30k views. A campaign of this scale was a mammoth task but the results were worth it.

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