Through the teaser videos of an upcoming property launch, we created something clutter-breaking and unconventional for the client. Using an illustrative background and upbeat music, we animated geometric shapes to transform into the various USPs of the property. For instance, a circle was transformed into a butterfly to demonstrate how the property has butterfly-friendly landscaping. This concept was used as the teaser to khushiyon ka pata for Adani Realty.


The Creative were used for offline as well as online purposes. In the office space, these creatives were used in the office spaces of Adani, where customers could view it. In the online space, the creatives were sent as WhatsApp forwords and gained a lot of traction. Customers showed their love and appreciation for this concept. Apart from this, these creatives were placed on the social media handles of the client. In fact, the client loved this concept so much that although the initial commission was just for 1 video, they ended up asking us to make 5 more!