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Wagh Bakri came to us with a brief to create topical content integrating their special teas around different relevant days and occasions. They wanted to create relevant campaigns while also helping spread the world via other individuals or communities.


For International yoga Day, Wagh Bakri wanted to create a buzz over their Green Tea products The brand wanted to demonstrate how integrating Green Tea into your Yoga routine cames with multiple health benefits. Overall, it wanted to position Green Tea as a healthy beverage by leveraging Yoga.



For the brief assigned, we devised an influencer focused campaign - we collaborated with 3 influencers who had expertise in the field of - yoga, food & beverage, and mental health. The Influencers showed their favourite yoga poses while trying to sip on a cup of green tea. An influencer also created a reel on treading music with the campaign tagline - 'Get sipping, get stretching'. Product gifs were created and we gave an illustrative animation approach to all the reels, based on the ingredient of the green tea that they chose. An Instagram live session was also carried out with Shikha Mehra to inform the audience about the importance of Yoga and how to get into it as a beginner. The benefits of green tea and yoga were also explained .

world tea day - ek chup chai, anek vajah

Everyone drinks tea for a perk that's only close to them. Some can't begin their day without it, some need it while having the afternoon snacks, some can't function at work without it, some enjoy it while listening to music, some like it over a group of friends. For World Tea Day, Wagh Bakri can create a digital animated video to show these different scenarios of one cup of tea, and a hundred different reasons to drink it. From scenarios like replacing the Sun with a cup of tea, or a bicycle, or a headphone, we can integrate this magical cup of tea and showcase the multiple emotions attached it.


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