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Deepkala Silk heritage is a 70 year old ethic store based in Ahmedabad. They store affordable to mid-premium Indian casuals, bridal and festive wear. For the past 2- years they were based on CG road that was a premium shopping area at the time.

The Problem -Deepkala Silk Heritage was a brand with deep roots. They however were waiting to move ahead with times while keeping their roots intact. They came to us a quarter before they opened their second store on Sindhu Bhavan Road. While we spent the first few months getting to understand each other better, doing campaigns that merely reactivated their presence online- we had big plans in mind for the label to become a Heritage brand of the 21st century. The idea was to build a strategically modern visual appeal and identity while positioning the brand as a go-to destination for the latest in fashion.

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A 70 year old saga, retold and recreated with influencers from across the city. We went back to how they started their first store in the pols of Ahmedabad and how the brand and the weaves they housed evolved over the past 70 years. From one milestone to another, covering customers' staff and common practices from the past until; the final day of the new store opening. While the concept was entertaining and engaging the use of influencers made it market itself! More than anything else it tied back together years of relationships built while also luring potentially new relationships to rebuild over the course. The story was covered on the feed with a vintage feel starting in the early 1940’s until 2019. The concept was later presented in the store as a coffee table flip book for people to carry out with them.

Additionally, from a purely visual perspective we wanted the brand to have an extremely strong recall. The brand guidelines were created based not he primary colours the brand has chosen to use in store and supported with a motif that was developed off their original identity and translated into the interiors of the store swell. Later we went on to help design and create the invites for the opening event as well.

The Challenges -With a mammoth project (that we had taken on only as a small agency then) there came a lot of challenges along the way. A shoot with over 30 influencers was to be healthy- each to be shot in a different way, in a different garment at a unique location, at the perfect time. Most of the locations were public properties which is why several permissions and allowances had to be taken. Shoot call timings were Ad early as 3 AM and the activity went on for over 2 months!

The Results -The campaign was a whooping success. It was a big move in their space and everyone was out to watch. People came back to the store and shared stories of how their grandmother bought their wedding ensemble from the store and how they too wanted to continue the tradition. The brand was more than a collection of garments. It has become a compilation of stores, experiences and real faces. We believe there couldn’t be any better place for a brand to be in.


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