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The world moved towards simpler, smaller, easy and stress free weddings during the pandemic. Keeping that in mind, we wanted to curate a series of festive wedding looks that kept things trendy and versatile- much like the festive collection at Uncut. The concept was to produce scenes where intimate occasions were enjoyed with style and minimal effort. Instead of entire ensembles being sources from a singular brand, we noticed how people may prefer repurposing garments to mix and match for a unique look.


The idea was to create Indo-western, semi-contemporary, elegant looks. Each ensemble was put together in combination with multiple brand names. While we stuck to some traditional weaves and labels we also pared a few western brands as well. All together, the looks turned out to be dramatic enough to ensure they were remembered and yet minimal enough to give due focus to the pieces. We sourced from brands like Zara, Rimzim dadu, Gucci, Paayal Khanwala, Debyani, The Flame Store and more.


The production was fairly simple. We put together a team of some of our favourite artists that helped make it all possible. We wanted faces that each had something of a statement. May it be the perfect eyes, bulging lips or even an artsy hair do. We made the most of the resources available to put together unconventional striking looks. The makeup and hair was also done minimally- keeping it sleek and stylish.

As for the art direction, we opted for 3 unique set ups.

One was a brunch scene with wine and mithais flowers and gorgeous antique stands and vessels. It was set in a green garden with an antique table set in its centre and a gorgeous waterfall in the back.

The other was a seated set up on a wooden deck with indian carpets and pillows paired again with arabian trays, wine glasses and more. This was further enhanced with antique pots and more. The difference with both set ups was with its ethnicity. While one hinted an indian feel with the cutlery and mithais the other was a lot more detailed and ethic looking and feeling. His outfit selection also supported the same.

The third layout with a night scene. A dramatic table setup once again in the middle of a green space. Lit up with candles stuck inside vintage empty bottles of liquor. Supporting it were multiple champagne towers and red roses. All depicting a rather indo-western winter night out.


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