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#SecureASmile was an Argento initiative that was the brainchild from a grim time. The world was at its worst when Covid-19 spread aggressively. There was a simple thought. When you wear a safety mask, you are saving lives - thereby securing your smile to live longer. Similarly, when you donate a sum of money to the needy, you're also helping that family to secure a smile.

While we were dealing with a young brand (only a year old then), a campaign with Covid at its centre of meaning was not the easiest to pull off. It was, however, the need of the hour. What everyone wanted to see. A brand with compassion, a brand that steps up to meet the needs of its customer. That is exactly what we attempted to pull off.

The Challenges

Since advertisements around the theme of the pandemic were not permitted by young accounts like ours at the time, we took on a rather unique root to spread the word. We began to create fun and quirky content around the mask. Things people could relate to, things that helped them understand its functionality and its trendiness. Yet, that wasn't enough. We then moved to reaching out to influencers who would help us spread the word. We connected and sent across products to them to try and share with their audience. Soon, with a consistent push and influencer collaborations, it became the product of the year.

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